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You - You ]

The Day Alfred Got Married... Again Part 2

You strolled into the line with your cart of groceries. The Spanish man who was in front of you was casually chatting with the man who was... very slowly scanning his items. You sighed once you heard someone get in line behind you, ruining your chances of escape. They gently tapped on your shoulder.

"Excuse me miss-" he froze up as you turned around. 'He looked very familiar! But what was his name again...?' you thought deeply.

"_____?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Yup...!" You nodded, still unsure of who he was.

"Remember Alfred?" he smirked at the surprised look on your face. 'That's who he was! Maybe the glasses threw me off...?' you thought.

"How've you been?" you finally managed to ask, attempting to start a conversation.

"Awesome! You?"

"Pretty good actually, have you gotten married yet?" You were curious, since you haven't seen him in such a long time.

"That's good. Nope, haven't really tried I suppose, you?"


"'Nah?' Well, why not? I bet you'd make a totally awesome wife."

You shrugged before finally noticing the man at the register calmly calling you.

"So, wanna go out to eat sometime?" He asked. You gladly agreed, exchanging phone numbers with him as you placed your items onto the belt.


You and Alfred both sat in a booth at a McDonald's. You drank your [Favorite Drink] as you watched your friend casually eat an immensely large amount of food.

"So *Nom* _____, you *Nom* still live *Slurp* around here?"

You took another sip of your [Favorite Drink] before answering.

"Yup, do you?"

He nodded, "Yeah, I recently *Nom* just moved *Nom* back here *Nom*."

"Oh really? Where did you live before?"

"I was *Slurp* living in *Slurp* New York."

"Oh cool, how was it there?" You were interested in hearing about places you've never been.

He sighed happily, rubbing his stomach as he finally finished his food. It still amazed you how he could always eat so much.

"It was very... busy," he laughed.

You listened attentively as he described how life in New York was and all that.

[Le time skip of your preferred amount of time that's over a few months]

You put your hair into a [Complimenting Hairstyle] and put a small amount of makeup on, you disliked wearing too much because you assumed that it would be easier to get ruined if you had too much on.

You jogged over to the full view mirror that sat in the corner of your bathroom, admiring yourself. You wore a [Complimenting Color] dress with matching pumps.

Alfred had decided to take you on another date tonight and you were finally ready. You walked out of the bathroom, down the stairs, and over to your sofa. You sat down and waited for your date to arrive.

About six 'extremely long' minutes has past when you heard knocking on the front door. You quickly slid on a coat, grabbing your purse before opening the door to greet Alfred.

"You look totally awesome, _____!"

"T-thank you! You look 'totally awesome' as well."

You locked the door behind you, closing it and taking Alfred's hand as he walked you to his car, opening the door and closing it behind you.


Alfred took his keys out of the ignition and stepped out of the car to again open the car door for you. You assumed his brother, Arthur taught him to be such a gentleman.

You stared at the grand restaurant in front of you. It was breathtaking- the smell of delicious food, the beautiful flowers surrounding the outside, and the wonderful sounds of joyful laughter from within.

"You like? I had to make sure that we went somewhere extra-special for tonight," Alfred grinned.

"I-it's... amazing.." You held his hand as you both walked together into the fancy restaurant.

"I'm glad you like it, _____.."


Your waiter sat you both down at a table for two people.

"So, what would you like to drink today, miss?" He asked in a strong French accent as he readied a notepad.

"U-uhm... Some water please..?"

"Alright.. and you, sir?"

"I'll have some water also..."

Your waiter simply nodded, writing down the drinks you chose and left you with the menus.

You sighed, looking through the menu- most of it was in French.

"Something wrong?" Alfred was worried, he wanted you to enjoy your time here.

"Hm? Well, nothing really- it's just that I can't read French."

Alfred chuckled, "Me neither, I'm just going to order whatever catches my eye."

You smiled, "You know, I guess I'll do that too."

A few moments later, your waiter came back, placing your glasses of water in front of you.

"I expect you're ready to order?"

"Uh, yes. I'll have.. this," Alfred pointed to a random name in the menu.

"What a fine choice- that's actually one of my favorites!" your water grinned, "How about you, miss?"

"Hmm... I guess I'll have this," you pointed to the name of a somewhat familiar sounding dish in the menu.

"What a wonderful choice as well!" He wrote down your orders once again before power-walking in the opposite direction with your menus, leaving you and Alfred alone with each other.

"He seems really nice," you said. Alfred nodded in agreement. It became quiet for a while, so you decided to start up a conversation.

"So Alfred... what made you decide to take me here?"

"Special occasion," he said simply.

"What makes it a 'special occasion?'"

"You'll see, _____. Just be patient~"



Your waiter finally returned with your food- which both looked and smelled delicious. He set the plates down in front of you beside your drinks as you noticed Alfred trying to hide his major disappointment at the size of his food.

"Thank you..." you dragged out the 'you' searching for a name tag on his uniform.

"Francis," he replied, winking at you while sending a flirtatious smirk. Alfred frowned at him- him noticing this, Francis spun on his heel to help some other guests.

You sighed, smirking at Alfred while he apprehensively poked his food with a fork. You could tell he wasn't used to it.


You had both finished your food and were now waiting for Francis to arrive again. Alfred kept glancing at you before taking a deep breath and standing up.

"Going to get the waiter?" You asked.

"Nope," Alfred walked over next to your chair, getting down onto one knee as he pulled out a small, shiny black box from his inside jacket pocket. He opened it to reveal a legit diamond ring. As it was last time, the gem that sat in the center was a clear heart shape. You gasped, feeling yourself about to cry tears of joy.

"[First name, last name], will you marry me... again?" He grinned.

You stood from your seat and held your hand out, placing the other's palm against your face.

"Yes... yes, I will," you felt warm tears stream down your cheeks as he slid the ring on the same way he did last time. Though this time, you were the one to glomp him.

Now, you finally noticed the clapping from the other guests and waiters. You and Alfred shared a heartfelt kiss before he payed for the dinner, helping you put your coat back on. He held his hand around your waist as you comfortably hugged him, leisurely strolling out of the restaurant together.
This was actually a great idea! It was fun to make too- Iris loved it. I had to keep her from reading it over and over, Lol.

Requested by :iconnanathefurret:
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